Friday, March 2, 2012

With Rollup

SQL does not normally put a total line in the same result set as the detail like an accounting spreadsheet. By adding with rollup to the group by clause you will get the total line as shown below. For our examples we will use a tiny fact table from the pets database. You can download the database script here. It is a tiny fact table that summarizes animals available by store. We originally obtained the table from the internet, I forget where. At some point we may add dimension tables to get a true star schema.

The result set returned by a group by with rollup is a valid SQL result set. It can be filtered or manipulated like any other result set. The total line or lines returned are not the total of the groups shown. They are the totals in the table. An example below will make this clearer. A NULL is placed in the column where the summary row has been inserted.

SELECT statement...
GROUP BY groupbylist

Example 1
Show the animals available by store with subtotal for each animal type and a grand total.

Example 2
Same above but retain only rows with number available greater than 10. Note that the grand total row still shows 63 animals available.

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